The Tea Plant

The tea plant is a flowering evergreen shrub. The leaves are darkgreen, leathery, waxy with jagged edges. From May on the plant blossoms with small, white, creamy or pink coloured flowers. Later in the year they become small spherical fruits with three seeds in the wooden shell. Usually the flowers are removed in order to promote the growth of the leaves.

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Good water quality, the right water temperature and the proper brewing time are essential for a flavourful cup of tea. Different types of tea require a different water temperature: Black tea needs boiling water (also Rooibos, herbal and fruit teas). The water for Oolong and Pu Erh teas should be 80°-90° degrees centigrade. Green teas (incl. white and yellow teas) only need a temperature between 65°-80° degrees centigrade. Please note that it takes about 5mins for one liter water to cool down to 90°, about 15mins to reach 80° and about 20mins to get down to 70° (in kettle with lid). Detailled information are given on the label of each tea.

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